ABOUT Kenyatta U.

Department of Theatre Arts & Film Technology

Kenyatta University was founded in 1985, and is the second oldest public University in Kenya. It sits on 1,000 acres in a former army barracks about 30 minutes north of the city centre. The Department of Theatre Arts and Film Technology was added to the University in 2008. 

Cognizant of the role of culture in the sustenance of a society, and realizing the need for a dynamic self-sustaining Theatre and Film industry that will employ thousands of Kenyan creative and performing artists, the department was started  to train actors, directors, choreographers, designers, photographers, script writers, managers and producers.

The Department of Theatre Arts and  Film Technology offers an innovative, undergraduate programme leading to a B. A. in  Theatre Arts and Film Technology.  This rich and diverse programme seeks explores two of the most popular art forms of this century in the larger context of humanistic studies.  At the same time, it encourages students to look at moving images from the vantage point of other disciplines.  To this end, the Theatre Arts and Film Studies programmes cooperate with a number of other departments and programmes on campus offering courses from Art and Design, Music, Literature, English, Kiswahili, Gender Studies, History,  Psychology, Anthropology and Political Science.

Graduate courses in the area of Theatre Arts and Film Technology are instrumental in preparing students for employment in the television and motion picture, a career as an independent producer, or entry into the teaching profession.


The department is actively involved in linkages with various institutions and Organizations such as: Kenya Film Commission, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Film Department of Kenya, Arusha Film Festival, Filamu, Kenya International Film Festival, African Council of Religious Studies, University of Cincinnati, U.S.A, University of Dodoma, Tanzania, Multi-Media University, and other likeminded organizations.

Currently, the department has more than 300 hundred students and is the largest department in terms of student numbers in the School of Visual and Performing Arts. The pioneer class of twelve (12) graduated in December 2012. Most of the members of this class are pursuing their Master’s Degree course. Continuing students are cutting a niche for themselves and a number are involved in scriptwriting for or acting in popular TV Kenyan dramas such: Machachari, Tahidi High, Mother-in-Law, Nairobi Law, among others. Theatre specialists are actively involved in acting and / or directing plays at the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi, Kenya; among other venues.


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