Austin Opata shares his thoughts after returning to Kenya following the Kenyatta University/University of Cincinnati Exchange.

I just realized how much I missed you guyz and wondered what I could write to show you guyz that I missed you, and then I remembered what Colin once said, “words cannot fully measure how much the heart feels.”

(David and Austin in my office below a photo I took of them in Nairobi.)

But at least a paragraph will help tell the 1/1,000,000 feeling inside my heart. My best moments were when all of you smiled flawlessly; I always wished I could bank all the smiles on my phone. What made you smile most came up  this day a UC Professor (Hess) in a beige jacket looking cool and so simple as usual parked our van downstairs at the Hampton Inn and waited for us so patiently to come down so that he could take us to school.

After finishing grooming ourselves so quickly, we got into the elevator and as we were coming down the elevator stopped at floor number 4 from 5 and a hotel attendant walked in and he said ‘Hi’. (The American courtesy encourages this- it’s just an observation I made) He said ‘Hi’with his American slang and tagged along and he kept on asking us questions about how we felt about this new environment. We replied positively and he was like,  “That’s what’s up, man, That’s what’s up.”

It became so interesting that we could not hold it within ourselves. Instead we kept on looking at each other and laughed at how it became more and more funny as the floors kept on counting down to 1. In the van on our way to school, we introduced the new tag line,  “That’s what’s up.” In Cincinnati our new tag line got more popular until David made it the most popular Kenyan American Slang of the week.

(Christine and Austin and David)

All the moments are cherished in my heart whenever I prepare to sleep. I think about your smiles when we said, “That’s what’s up!” This is because “That’s what’s up!”

– Guest contributor: Austin Opata, Kenyatta University, Class of 2016

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