Jean Akinyi shares her thoughts after returning to Kenya after the Kenyatta University/University of Cincinnati Exchange.

Dear the US of A,

I have taken quite some time in writing this to you. Mind it isn’t because I had no time to do so or was too tired; but it’s because I neither knew where nor why to begin. You became a home away from home for the little time I was with you. You have given me people to know, things to learn, places to go and times to hold.

You are a wonderful country of order, vision and a people filled with life, laughter and love. You were warm when I expected the weather to be cold and brutal. Your trees have leaves of different colours. Your buildings stand tall and magnificent. Your places of sport and entertainment are to behold. Your rivers (I only saw one and so I assume) flow as if they are controlled to do so. Your food is different from what I am used to and have given my taste buds an adventure.


How I wish I could  stay longer and discover more about you. To linger and listen to your people speak in tones that my ears found pleasant. To keep getting hugs and loud laughter all around.


But I have a responsibility and loyalty to Kenya. To tell them what and how you are. To share your ways and truths to them. To engage them in your vibrance and good natured ways. To explain your commitment to the things you hold dear. That’s my responsibility. My loyalty is like your people’s to you. As much as you go away, home will always call and will always be home.
Until next time America.
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