It’s funny. I’m a dreamer, and I am not a dreamer. The amount of time I spend dreaming about things is so much smaller than the time I love devoting to doing things. I am a doer. I love to think of huge ideas, to dream of the impossible. And then I get to work. I don’t know who, exactly, to thank for this trait, but as a result, I have done some very cool things in my life. I didn’t stay home dreaming about them; I did them. For me, it’s a good way to live.


One of the coolest things I have ever done, hands down, has come to a conclusion for the moment. Seven guests, sita na moja, touched down in Nairobi a few hours ago after 10 whirlwind days in America. The Kenyatta University/University of Cincinnati Cultural and Artistic Exchange has come to a close. It took me a minute to dream of this idea, of students I had taught in Kenya spending time in Cincinnati, and more than a year to execute. The work was tremendous. I have never planned and executed an international exchange, but now I know I can handle the challenges of getting Kenyan passports, American visas, international airplane tickets, accommodations, meal passes, nightly entertainment, class schedules, and organizing a 48 Hour Film Festival schedule for 7 guests. I’m also a good van driver. I loved every minute of planning this enormous event, except on those days when the trip fell apart completely, when passports could not be secured, when visa appointments at the American Embassy in Nairobi yielded no results, when incorrect visas meant the trip was cancelled, when funds ran short of need.

(Austin and Keisha)

And then I was at the airport and smiles arrived and it was not a dream. Perhaps never again will I make something this magical occur. Perhaps never again will my actions affect so many people at one time around this planet. This cultural and artistic exchange affected hundreds of people. Hundreds.


And now it’s their turn. What will happen next?

I feel complete. I feel happy. Now the real fun can begin, as the ripples from the dream of an instant, a ‘what if’ so outrageous that it was sane, can spread through time into a future redolent with possibility.

(Annie and Jabari)

Please watch our films. Please share our films.

Please support the arts. Please support Kenya. Please support actors. Please support film-makers. Please help answer the call when someone says, ‘I want to be educated.’

(Eric and Marge)

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One thought on “NOT A DREAM

  1. Doug Carter on said:

    Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us . We are so thankful that Lauren and her classmates were a part of this experience. It will change each of them…. I have no doubt.

    Sent from my iPad


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