Today was a great day. Today I am very proud. On Monday I was saddened and embarrassed; today I am beaming with pride. The Kenyatta University/University of Cincinnati CCM 48 HOUR FILM FESTIVAL is a little more than half-way complete, and it is already an unqualified success. At 7 pm tomorrow evening 90 participants from two Universities from more than three nations on three continents, plus various other participants from a Cincinnati High School, from Marketing, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Musical Theatre, Marketing, Biology, Commercial Music, and Photojournalism, will meet in the Main Street Cinema to view completed films.

The teams are a random blending of strength and beauty, power and creativity, bravery and openness. From the inspiration of a former student I urged the teams to practice bringing choices to their work rather than decisions. Choices allow for flexibility and creativity; decisions are rigid and exclusive.

Stories were written, shots planned, schedules created, and filming for most of the teams has neared completion. The great work of composing and recording music, recording voice-overs, and editing the footage can now begin. The editing artists are ready to take the reins.

I traveled through Cincinnati, Ohio for over 6 hours today, and I found the 6 teams with Kenyan guests.

I found a team by the Ohio River in Kentucky facing the downtown skyline.


I found a team in a tree-house in the Mount Airy Forest.


I found a team in a dank basement in Clifton near the University.


I found a team in a huge studio on campus at the University of Cincinnati.


I found a team at an overlook at sunset facing the rail yards of Cincinnati.


I found a team in the Mount Airy Forest at the arboretum.


I did not even find teams 7 and 8 before the sun set. (But one is still filming, working in an attic.)


The CCM 48 Hour Film Festival is an unqualified success and it hasn’t even finished. Six Kenyan students made films in America today. This is real. Dayenu. The acts of working together and feeding each other, of mentoring and learning from each other, of inspiring and leading and following, of contributing and engaging, and enormous and powerful. Worlds collided and films are being made.

Jean Akinyi made a film in America today.


Eric Mwangi made a film in America today.


Austin Opata made a film in America today.


David Babu made a film in America today.


Christine Njeri made a film in America today.


Muriithi Mwangi made a film in America today.


Imagine the possibilities.

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One thought on “I AM VERY PROUD

  1. Beverly Croskery on said:

    Absolutely amazing! It looks like the visit is an unqualified success.
    We look forward to more information.

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