The Babu Dance is sweeping the nation. It is so popular in Kenya, and now, it is sweeping America. The Babu Dance has taken Cincinnati by storm. I am a Babu Dancer.

You need a key ingredient to master the Babu Dance. You need to dare to put sassy energy into your rear end, your bum. I captured a photo of the originator of the BABU DANCE, the Kenyan dance master himself, David BABU, in a dance studio in Cincinnati.


The legs must be stiff. The rear end must be extended to odd angles. You must push it out as far as you can and walk stiff-legged to the music. The BABU DANCE is artistry in motion.
Everywhere I look in America I see the BABU Dance.


You can do the BABU Dance while standing still in a movie theatre drinking a Coke.


Try it. The BABU Dance will make you popular, help you find dates, and help you stand out in a crowd.


Kenyatta University and the University of Cincinnati; setting trends in the artistic worlds of two cultures, meeting in one new art form, practiced by many, mastered by few: The BABU Dance.


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  1. It’s Such an amazing cultural Exchange platform that you’ve Created Mwalimu, God bless You Siku Zote /kila Siku (Everyday) …. Plus I really love The BABU Dance. ☺ am impressed

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