Kenzie Clark shares her thoughts about our guests from Kenya for the Kenyatta University/University of Cincinnati Exchange.
David. Christyn. Muriithi. Eric. Zippy. Austin. Jean.
Four days ago, those were just names to me. Names that sounded familiar simply because I had heard them escape Richard’s lips so many times. It was hard not to share his excitement, his trepidation, his joy at the thought of these seven strangers coming to share, learn, and create with us. But even so, those seven names were just that; names.
Who were they?
Would I understand them?
Would they understand me?
Would they like me?
How would they act?
What would they say?
How would I respond?
Were they nervous?
Were they excited?
Were they ready?
Was I ready?

Fast forward four days and I am no longer asking these questions. Those seven names are no longer just names. They are people. Beautiful people. Beautiful people with beautiful hearts and beautiful stories.


David (Babu)
Babu is funny.
Babu is a ladies man.
Babu is caring.
Babu is handsome.
Babu loves American football and WWE.
Babu makes me smile.
Babu makes me laugh.
Babu is thankful.
Babu is selfless.
Babu told me I had a beautiful heart and I cried.
Babu is my friend.
Christyn is beautiful.
Christyn is fun.
Chrystyn is ready.
Christyn is kind.
Christyn wears colorful glittery shirts.
Christyn is constantly smiling.
Christyn likes sour candy.
Christyn told me she feels like she found a second family here.
Christyn is my friend.
Muriithi is an intellect.
Muriithi is reserved.
Muriithi loves to read.
Muriithi is observant.
Muriithi has a beautiful brain.
Muriithi is strong.
Muriithi is thoughtful.
Muriithi believes we should all behave like children sometimes.
Muriithi makes me hungry for knowledge.
Muriithi is my friend.
Eric is a filmmaker.
Eric loves to take pictures.
Eric has a giant heart.
Eric wants to learn how to play piano.
Eric is interested.
Eric is involved.
Eric is joyful.
Eric is romantic.
Eric is hopeful.
Eric told me he sees happiness in my heart.
Eric is my friend.
Zippy is wise.
Zippy is calm.
Zippy has an awesome name.
Zippy is eager to learn.
Zippy is generous.
Zippy is devoted.
Zippy is beautiful.
Zippy taught me how to dance with style.
Zippy is my friend.
Austin is sweet.
Austin is polite.
Austin has a strong presence.
Austin is charming.
Austin likes to laugh.
Austin is intelligent.
Austin is cool.
Austin is direct.
Austin has a smile that I can see from miles away.
Austin is my friend.
Jean is sassy.
Jean is strong.
Jean is kind.
Jean is goofy.
Jean is gorgeous.
Jean likes to try new things.
Jean is sure.
Jean is passionate.
Jean is confident.
Jean inspires me to do better.
Jean is my friend.
Seven Kenyans who are no longer strangers. Seven words that are no longer just names. Seven humans. Seven personalities. Seven beautiful souls. Seven smiles. Seven laughs. Seven friends that I will never forget.
– Guest contributor: Kenzie Clark, University, of Cincinnati, Class of 2018
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