Christine Njeri shares her thoughts after arriving from Kenya for the Kenyatta University/University of Cincinnati Exchange.

I am not a writer. I enjoy reading pieces made by other people but I woke up this morning and something inside of me said write Christine write… I pick up my friend’s laptop and boom here I am.

So this is my American story…. When I was a kid I dared to dream that one day I will travel to America.


Having watched so many cartoons from Disney land and movies I often wondered how life is in America. I knew I would visit the country when I was wealthy and could buy myself a ticket and go for a vacation but not when I was 24yrs old….I never saw this one coming.


It’s exactly two days since I set foot in America and oh boy I am overwhelmed to say the least but yesterday night was the best day ever. We shared our cultures, our heritage, we took an Uber and traveled across Ohio River to Kentucky to enjoy some ice-cream together take beautiful pictures and most of all we created a bond. We danced to Kenyan and American tunes in the evening and shared a meal together . We laughed so hard and got teary at some points for the first time I saw a family in a land 18hrs away from home. I guess that’s why for the first time I slept 8hrs straight because finally my mind and heart felt at home. I am no longer a stranger. I have brothers and sisters in America.


My mother was a strong believer of the arts. She sang and performed theatre pieces for so many years. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I know she looks down at all of us smiling because theatre is life.


It is another new day and I can’t wait to see what it brings forth because now I am no longer a stranger in America. I can spread my wings and soar like an eagle….. The journey has just begun.




– Guest contributor: Christine Njeri, Kenyatta University, Class of 2016

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