I can’t help but picture my Kenyan friends as being in the air above my head. They are floating above me. I feel such responsibility for them, such concern for their safety and for their ability to maneuver through the complications of this journey. They are fine. They are having fun. And I worry for them still.

Sita na moja boarded the light blue, extremely large KLM airplane at 10:30 pm. They are in the air. They will touch down in the Netherlands in a new time zone before departing for the United States. They will travel for two days. The Atlantic Ocean is next. I will see them in America tomorrow.

These Kenyans are stylin’ at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.


Life does not just happen to you. You have control if you take control. If you create a cause you can have an effect.


This is Austin Opata. He is my cause. This exchange trip is the effect. If he did not ask me to direct a theatre piece when I was teaching at Kenyatta University, we would not be where we are a year and a half later. It’s that simple.

Ask the world. It might say YES. And you may find yourself in the air.


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2 thoughts on “THEY FLOAT ABOVE ME

  1. Austin on said:

    wow!!!!! Thanks a lot sir, just touched down in Amsterdam, the flight was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woww!!! cant wait to see you later in today, waiting for my next flight to Minneapolis, America am coming!!!!!! 😀

  2. Virginia Nduta on said:

    Austin you are my hero.

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