Tomorrow my seven (sita na moja/six plus one) Kenyan guests will board a large two story light blue KLM airplane in Nairobi at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. It will be a first flight for some, a first trip across the Atlantic Ocean for all.


I am not a mother, but after today, I might understand a little bit about birthing. A little bit, though not really. But I have birthed this trip, and I was pregnant with this trip for much more than nine months. I am now in labor, and the final pushing has begun. Today I hit a roadblock so immense, so unfathomable, that I might have stopped breathing in response. I needed an epidural, but instead I screamed and bore down. I pushed and pushed when I wanted to give up and crawl in a hole.

I need tonight to be tomorrow to know that my Kenyans are in flight, and then I need tomorrow to be the day after so I can be standing in the Cincinnati Airport, on the other side of the line on the floor separating inside from outside, seeing 7 smiles crossing that line. Then I will truly breathe, and I will see the birth of a notion from ‘what if’ to reality. And then I need to slow time and be in time and reactivate my Kenya time.

May the travels be safe, and the burdens light. The seemingly impossible is about to become possible.

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  1. Beverly Croskery on said:

    Hi Richard,
    I know you are excited and so are we. What can we do to help? Any chance they can come to Church with you while they are here? We could certainly spring for a donation if that will work. Do you need any entertainment? Our place would certainly be open to you.

    Of course you have our prayers for safe travel and an unforgettable adventure for all.
    Love always,

  2. So, not one but seven will be delivered-what an amazing achievement…I wish I could express my pride and love for what you have done, but the words are not known to me…only the feeling that I am so proud to be your friend…

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