Jean Akinyi shares her thoughts preparing to leave Kenya for the first time for the Kenyatta University/University of Cincinnati Exchange.

Dear Kenya,

Land of my mother. In less than twenty-four hours I will leave you. I will leave for a land far far away. I will leave behind all that has been my life…family and friends; wildlife and vegetation; politics and rumours; love and laughter; athletes and football fanatics. I will fly off to a land even you have never seen.

The departure fills me with excitement. To know that I will be away from you and your beautiful and natural self. I am excited that I am going to experience something different from what you have to offer. Do not mistake this for a dislike of you on my part. It is just that I want to see more; learn more and explore. I want to know their cultures as I want them to learn about ours. I want to know what motivates them just as they should know our driving force. I want them to feel like they have visited you through me so that one day, just like I long to see their country, they will long to see you.


They are a people from whom great actors, musicians, sportsmen and innovators known the world over spring from. I want to see these people and bring home things I will have learned from them over the period of my stay. I want to sit, talk, argue and laugh about certain topics that we may have. I want to hear their opinion on certain issues and will give mine on the same. I want to bond with these people because let’s face it human beings are social and love to interact. I know you wouldn’t understand this because you have been stuck in the same position for over a billion years with the same neighbours. Not to worry though, I will do the socialising on your behalf. It is the least I can do.

Goodbye Kenya.

Until I see you again. I will definitely see you again…however far I go, I will always return to you. You are my home, my country, my pride.
– Guest contributor: JEAN AKINYI, Kenyatta University, Class of 2016
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  1. Virginia Nduta on said:

    Jean I’ll sure miss you. Please bring me a piece of Cincinnati unoversity when you come back.

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