He is a combination of very funny and very serious. He always presented work that was brave and specific, bold and uncompromising. In an early class project he appeared as a vampire, a shared cultural surprise and he relished the chance to be on stage, although he is not as actor. I learned then that he loves to tell stories, and that he will work harder and longer than others to achieve his aims. He is his own biggest critic. I loved everything he did.


Eric Mwangi is a film director, a visionary who is an intoxicating mixture of silly and serious. He is a sponge in class, eager to soak up lessons and ideas, eager to make his own path. His film work is powerful, his story telling solid and daring. I remember how much he responded to the original theatre piece KUMI NA MBILI that I made with other students; he was a supportive audience member and he took the time to share his thoughts about a piece that was so foreign and challenging. He gets things. I see Eric’s smile, and I hear him calling me ‘Sir!”


Eric is coming to America

Kelvinson Muriithi Mwangi is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle. For weeks I called him Kelvinson when learning names was my challenge. There was a Kelvin, a Kelvinson, and a Kevin in class, and I struggled. Later, I heard his classmates calling him Muriithi, and since I loved to attempt to fit in, I started calling him Muriithi too. That meant I had to roll my ‘r’, which simply put, is always a failure. He is patient when I butcher his name.


Muriithi is a very deep well, an attractive mystery who always seems to have a secret. He knows so much, and shares with the mind of a poet. His work in performance is powerful and present and focused, yet his dreams reach far beyond performing. He carries an aura of class and ease that smiles with contentedness. Muriithi possesses a calming force, an intense intellect, an attractive soul. He makes you feel important. I wish I sounded like he does when he speaks.


Muriithi is coming to America.

These two guys are relentless. Even when it seems like the road has reached a dead end, they find a way to keep moving forward. I want to be like them when I grow up.

Imagine the possibilities.

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