Graham Rogers shares his thoughts preparing to welcome guests from Kenya for the Kenyatta University/University of Cincinnati Exchange.

My heart starts pounding and I smile every time I remember: in less than a week, 7 Kenyans will be visitors of CCM Drama.

If I were a Kenyan exchange student my mind would be racing faster than I could keep up, imagining what wonders await in the hallowed halls of CCM.

If I were a Kenyan exchange student I’d be so excited that I’d take moments out of the most mundane days to simply laugh with pure joy and revel in my good fortune.


If I were a Kenyan exchange student I’d be wondering whether or not I packed enough warm clothes. I say this because these thoughts were exactly what I was thinking the first two weeks of August before I moved to Cincinnati and became a student at CCM Drama.

But honestly, I hardly have words to capture my excitement for next week and I’m not even one of the Kenyans.

Next Monday 6 Kenyan film students and 1 teacher will be joining the CCM Drama program for a week that culminates in the 2nd annual CCM Drama 48 Hour Film Festival. In my short two and half months in CCM Drama I’ve spent a great deal of time asking questions. We like to ask questions in this program because how else do you avoid stagnation and maintain aspirations for constant forward evolution? We like ask ourselves big questions, like “Am I enough?”

But here’s the incredible thing: next week, I don’t have to ask those questions or search for their answers. Next week we all get to sit back, listen, and experience what will no doubt be a monumental week in all of our lives. After all, how many times do you get the chance to meet, let alone make art with strangers from a country half a world away?

As actors we seek momentous experiences: love, peace, jubilation.


On Monday, that is just what we get.

And really, what else can anyone ask for?

Courtesy of Guest Blogger: GRAHAM ROGERS
                                                             Graham is a CCM Drama Freshman, Class of 2019

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One thought on “AM I ENOUGH?

  1. Austin on said:

    Wow! Graham this is just the description of what we are feeling as Sita na Moja. Sun up Sun down we are impatiently waiting for this day we arrive in Cincinnati to just have art part of our both worlds constantly for 9days. It’s a big exchange, can’t wait! 😀

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