I knew instantly that she was a leader, that something about her set her apart from her peers. She didn’t want to talk about making things happen; she liked to make things happen. Her talent is undeniable, her joy infectious, and her love palpable. Christine Njeri is an actress, a towering talent. I remember assigning group exercises where sitting and talking was easy; her groups always stood up and starting working on their feet, exploring through doing rather than talking. I admire Christine. She listened.


When I needed caretaking, Christine was my caretaker. I loved hearing her say, ‘Come on guys,’ as she applied loving pressure to the unruly group. She gave me confidence. She negotiated with drivers to get me home and asked that I text her to make sure I was safe. She loved saying, ‘Are you serious?’ Her personal path has sometimes been challenging, and she has overcome with a smile. I can’t wait to see what she will accomplish in life.


Christine is coming to America.

David is a great ass. Seriously. In an early assignment in class David entered the classroom with a full-on, committed performance as the back half of an ass in a bible story with Mary and Joseph. The more seriously he played the ass, the more we laughed. When he speaks he shines with humour. Even if you don’t mean to, you will find yourself laughing at him. David is a comedian.


Sometimes I take life too seriously, and I forget the comfort to be found in slowing down and enjoying time. David was always a reminder to be where I was. If I stayed with David in the present moment instead of worrying about the moment that I thought should have been, I always had a better time. I remember David telling me a story about getting in trouble in secondary school, and receiving lashes for being too funny. That story was serious, and helped me understand his deep need to entertain. He is one to watch.


David is coming to America.

Imagine the possibilities.


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  1. Paul Ogola on said:

    I know Christine,I have worked with her!!!What separates her from the rest was her principles and willing to learn from everyone!

  2. christin is awesome….alwayz destined for greatness…wait n see

  3. Nelly Ronoh on said:

    We went to same high school with Christine and the talent was so obvious.She is one beautiful soul and she loves what she does best…Acting!keep going girl.

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