20 April

There is a quail egg frenzy in Kenya right now. People raise quail both for the birds themselves and for their tiny, delicate, speckled, healthy eggs. They are a delicacy, and they are a way to make a little extra money.


Alice, who takes care of sweeping and raking around my house every day, offered me some quail eggs from the birds she is raising. I had never had a quail egg, so when she offered to bring me ten I got nervous and said, ‘how about five?’ With only a week left in Kenya I thought I will eat them once to be polite; I don’t need to be drowning in eggs. She brought me six eggs the next day and when I saw how tiny they were I was embarrassed. An order of six eggs is very stingy.

I had to look on-line to see what people do with quail eggs. Frying a quail egg would be so silly; it would make a little meal for a cute, animated door-mouse maybe, but not for a person. It would make a wee fried egg the size of a silver dollar. I ended up hard-boiling the six eggs and eating them like little candies. They were very tasty and I told Alice so the next day. They would be great on a spinach salad with bacon and chicken if I had spinach or bacon or chicken.

Today was a day off for Alice and there was a knock at my door. It was a security guard with a delivery of thirty quail eggs from Alice.

Happy Easter.


I will eat four hard-boiled quail eggs every day before I leave Kenya. Who would have guessed?

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One thought on “HAPPY EASTER

  1. Drumistgabu on said:

    Yesterday was my birthday!!! Anyway enjoy your Kenyan Easter

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