13 April

It might be useful to go through life always thinking of myself as the other rather than looking at the world and seeing everyone else as the other. If those I meet are never the other and I am always the other then it is incumbent on me to bridge the otherness rather than being secure in my whateverness thinking I am the center.


Jesus is African in the Catholic Church. Kabisa! Amazing. Of course. But this is not about Jesus. But it is about a realization. This is a great big world. None of us are the center. There is so much to learn about being . . . what? More connected? More engaged? Smarter? Better? Nicer? More awake? Jesus must be African.


As I walked to and from church today in the African sun after a night of very heavy rain I saw trees in bloom and blooms destroyed scattered in a vibrant pile under the tree.


I saw the open trash pit that must I always walk past over-flowing with refuse from the dorms after students have moved out.


But I am thinking about seeing African Jesus in Christ the Teacher Catholic Church on the campus of Kenyatta University and admitting I never thought that Jesus might be black in Kenya and how complicated our frames of reference are, how right and wrong become meaningless when we realize we are the other. Of course. Jesus can only be black.

I know nothing. It is right and I am so provincial. Isn’t this amazing? I am amazed by the discovery of a new point of reference about how to think about this world.


I am not a practicing Catholic. But I like going to church in Kenya.

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2 thoughts on “I AM THE OTHER

  1. How UNamerican of you. Thank you Richard. Another, wonderful, meaningful and enlightening post.

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