P A R T Y ! ! !

10 April


If I were in Los Angeles on Tuesday night with my CCM Drama Seniors we would have been celebrating at Lucy’s 51 on Riverside Drive after watching the seniors perform the Showcase three times for casting directors and agents and managers at the Falcon Theatre. I would have been able to visit with alumni and celebrate the arrival of another year of students into the big, wild, beautiful world.


Last night I celebrated the end of the semester and my work with cast of KUMI NA MBILI at Natives Sports Bar and Grill on the Thika Highway in Nairobi. I had a blast and everything was the same although nothing was the same. I know I was wilder than usual.


Exams ended yesterday for my students in the Theatre Arts and Film Production Department at Kenyatta University. We celebrated their passage from Year 2 students to Year 3 students, and we celebrated our work together and their dreams and challenges for the future.

Last night in Kenya:


– my students ate ugali and chicken in the bar- without silverware and with their hands -like good Africans


– I danced with my students

– I stood near a speaker that was pounding so loudly with great African music that the sound waves were smashing against my calves in time to the music.

– Manchester United scored a goal to tie their game with Bayern Munich and the bar erupted with prolonged screaming, dancing, shouting, and frenzied celebration. Kenyans LOVE Manchester United. (They lost 3-1)

– Guinness and Tusker and VAT 69 and Juice


– we made toasts and expressed our gratitude and our hopes for making big dreams come true with action in the future


– I had a blast.

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2 thoughts on “P A R T Y ! ! !

  1. Patti on said:

    Your last picture speaks a thousand words.

  2. austin on said:

    wow! I also had a blast that night. it was an awsome experience! 🙂

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