4 April

To weave or not to weave; that is the question.

I challenged myself to learn the names of my students at Kenyatta University as quickly as I could despite their exotic constructions and pronunciations. I was out of my element. I also had more students in one class than I have ever had in my teaching career. And the most unexpected challenge? The women in my Stage Directing class create magic with their ever changing hair weaves. I would learn a name, attach it to a face with a certain look, and then BAM, the next class a different student would appear, with a new look, but the same face and name. Or were they? I was confused. I was challenged. I struggled with names as the beautiful women in class presented ever more exotic creations of themselves.

Soon enough, however, I coped with the hair weave challenge, and began to look forward to the magical transformations made by these creative Kenyan women.

Here are the two award winners for creativity, transformation, and surprise!

This is Jesca.

And this is Jesca.


And this is Jesca.


And this is Jesca!


This is Tracy.


And this is Tracy.


And this is Tracy


Other favorite fashionistas include Peris.


And Nancy.


And Jennipher.


And Tessa


And Brenda.


Kenyan women are beautiful. They are colorful, brave, strong, unique and powerful. American women in my classes do not change so drastically from week to week. Be inspired! Imagine the possibilities.

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