3 April

I have really enjoyed teaching in a department at Kenyatta University that offers combined theatre arts and film technology training. My eyes have been opened to new possibilities. The students easily cross from one genre to another, and good actors often have the minds of great film-makers.

My ranch house, built by he British for officer housing before the barracks were turned over to Kenya to house a new University, is a gold mine for film students hidden in the back corner of campus. None of them had ever heard of Malawi Close, much less wandered over to a strange, twelve-house long dead-end street by the railroad tracks. There was no reason to go there. Until now.


A ranch house on a dead end street is a perfect location for a film shoot. It has an entry way, a kitchen, bedrooms, a living room, and a porch. Films were shot in every part of my home, including the bathroom. Even vampires need to wash their hands after killing.


Three films were shot in my home by three different film crews. The shoots always took twice as long as planned and the crews who descended on my home were always larger than expected. I loved watching the students work.


The first film shot in my home was about a drunken husband and domestic abuse.


In the second film a woman died of cancer in my spare bedroom.


Two days ago a horror film was shot in my home and there was a vampire in the same bedroom.


4 Malawi Close; my home for 4 months and a versatile film shoot location. I can safely guess that zero films were shot in my home prior to January. As you might guess if you know me, I helped every film with set decoration and props. The things in my Kenyan life became the things in the lives of the characters in the films. Imagine the possibilities.


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  1. Nancy Aluoch Oluoch on said:

    hahaha! thank you for always being a good host. Best professor ever! it was fun, always!

  2. Beverly Croskery on said:

    Richard, you are so generous and creative. I know the students love you and you have modeled what a wonderful teacher should be.

  3. candy chebet on said:

    I was happy with how u’ve helped me grow in stage directing….u guided me on how to bring that hidden stage director in me but not forcing me to be the stage that you think brings a picture of a stage director. .every step was like a confession and a relief from my fears….thanks proff

  4. Marge on said:

    Oh my the hearts, minds and passions you have inspired and the places they will go!

  5. Austin on said:

    If anybody asked me what I wanted to be last year, I would ask for sometime to think, but this time, I’ve got the answers straight on my fingertips, All these is because of you sir, you’ve made me wake up from bed, n I aint going back! #Imagine_the_possibilities 🙂

    • Well Austin, this post makes me very happy. You have a fire in your soul- you are a leader, you are an artist, and you know how to motivate others to do their best work. I have seen it. I have merely given you a playground to flex the muscles you already possess. I love how you put it: “You’ve made me wake up from bed, n I ain’t going back!’ You, sir, have infinite possibilities at your fingertips if you stay awake.

      Napenda yangu mwanafunzi Austin.

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