31 March

I can’t believe I have written 100 posts.

I will celebrate by being simple. Here are ten things I’ve realized.

For the past three months, while living in Kenya as a Fulbright scholar teaching acting at directing at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, I HAVE NOT:

I have not eaten pizza or had a hamburger in three months. I have eaten ugali and goat and chapatti and lamb.

I have not walked Chester for three months. I usually walk Chester at least twice a day, sometimes three, and all of my walking in Kenya has been without a small, stubborn, opinionated black pug by my side.


I have not used a vacuum cleaner in three months. At home I am the vacuum king and I probably vacuum twice a week. In Kenya my rug is swept with a stiff broom.

I have not used a washing machine and dryer in three months. I use buckets and clothespins and laundry lines every other week, and Consolata and her daughter Nancy take care of my larger laundry needs in between, taking care of sheets and towels and dress shirts and pants and ironing.

I have not watched television for three months. I have watched two HBO series slowly over the three months, thank you Joel, on my computer: all seasons of Game of Thrones, and currently, Breaking Bad (Season 2). Dear lord Breaking Bad is amazing.

I have not washed dishes with hot water in three months. I use Sunlight detergent that says ‘Degreases at any water temperature’ on the bottle.

I have not been as stressed about time. In Africa you cannot be stressed about time. When I was stressed about time it was useless.

I have not worried about the weather here, ever, and have enjoyed 3 months of temperatures between 75 and 80 every single day.

I have not missed being aware of the inanity of American politics for three months, listening to Republicans and Democrats squabbling as they lead America on a crash course to ruin.

I have not driven a car for three months. Every time I need to leave campus in a car I am driven by James in a Toyota Corolla.


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One thought on “A SHORT LIST FOR POST 100

  1. Betsy Bressette on said:

    Rich– where have 3 months gone?? Yikes! You have accomplished so much and have had an experience of a lifetime! I am thrilled for you and proud of you my friend. Take a bow! Love you. Be well. Peace.

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