26 March

I like Safari Sausages. I found them at the Nakumatt. Safari sausages are good with many things. I cook an entire package and then I have a meal for at least 4 nights. You don’t really eat safari sausages when you go on safari.

Safari sausages and a cheese omelette.
Safari sausafes and Dino Magicaroni and Cheese with ketchup.
Safari sausages and spaghetti. I pretend they are meatballs.
Safari sausages and tomato soup.
Safari sausages and curried rice.
Safari sausages and boiled potatoes and corn.

Tusker goes with everything, including safari sausages.

Mmmmm good. I like safari sausages. There is nothing crunchy inside.

Most Kenyans don’t eat safari sausages. Safari sausages are mzungu food. Why? Most Kenyans don’t have refrigerators in their homes. They can shop regularly at markets, eat fresh foods, and do not have the luxury of refrigeration. Power is a luxury.

Why is milk sold in bags? Milk, maziwa, comes in small individual portions in bags, perfect for tea or to drink immediately. A small bag is perfect for one serving. Milk would never be sold in gallons in Kenya. There is no where to put it. And with power outages as a constant you don’t want large quantities of milk if you are lucky enough to have a refrigerator. In Kenya you buy a bag of milk and then you drink it.

Milk in a bag. Perfect!

Safari sausages. Perfect!


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One thought on “SAFARI SAUSAGES

  1. I like but milk is sold in 3 litres bottles.

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