22 March


I want to get on an airplane and leave. I am over it all. I want to go home. I have had it.

There was a moment yesterday as I was stalking through the tunnel from my classroom toward my office, through the chaos and lack of productive activity in Harambee Hall, past the shards of broken glass on the top of the wall, placed at some time for security, when I was ready to call for a car and head to the airport.

The moment passed and I went to rehearsal after class in Bishop’s Square for the show I am creating with 12 students called, simply, KUMI NA MBILI, Twelve, in English.

Rehearsals always make me feel better. Doing is better than not doing, or talking about doing. It was our fourth rehearsal, and we perform next Thursday. I was hoping for a first rehearsal with all kumi na mbili cast members in attendance. I craved a small amount of control in a world where I had lost all control.

SUCCESS. Joy. We staged two more sections of the show, and have two to go. We played. We danced. We listened and responded. Bishop’s Square became a cocoon of creativity and I was in my element. I am so glad to be here.


Things change. Grow up. Stop being a frickin’ baby.


Asante sana KUMI NA MBILI. You changed my world.



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6 thoughts on “GET ME OUT OF HERE

  1. Kelly on said:

    You are a teacher… Those feelings are normal. You know how to deal with them. Go get ’em Richard. Hang in there and find the joy!

  2. I love reading your posts. They are informative,inspirational, and so very interesting! the gods are watching your good work, Richard.

  3. I think of those times when I have those feeling here, where things are so much easier and the stakes are not nearly so high. It is ok and understandable to have them and even more so that you kept working. You and they are both blessed.

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