20 March

I have not spent my time in Africa missing home. Really. I have been so busy drinking in the new that I have not had the luxury of missing things. But I’m human, and there are things I miss.

I miss Lauren. I miss Joel. I miss Chester. I miss walking Chester.


I miss my students, and constant interaction with world-class student artists at CCM. I miss our discipline and passion. I miss my colleagues. I miss every single unique class at CCM and the energy of each. I miss preparing the senior class for New York and Los Angeles performances. I miss all aspects of CCM Drama. I miss teaching; we are still on strike at Kenyatta University. I miss stage managers. I miss rehearsals that start on time that have every actor in attendance. I miss directing and I miss long rehearsals. I miss the energy of large-scale collaborations.

I miss manners and courtesy. I miss my independence. I miss easy communication. I miss my 11 year-old red Volkswagen GTI and I miss driving myself. I miss Newport, Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. I miss seeing my neighbor on his porch every morning as I head to school. I miss having a good haircut.

I miss my kitchen and cooking for Lauren and Joel; cooking alone is a drag and I eat leftovers for too many days. I miss pizza. I miss hamburgers.

I miss people. I am ready to not be so alone.

I miss less than I thought. My life is full in Kenya and for that I am grateful.

This is Chester. I know he misses me.


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One thought on “WHAT I MISS

  1. Beverly Croskery on said:

    We all miss you too, Richard. I thought of you when Lauren sang the Irish Blessing. I missed going to the Dollie Awards and watching you with all those great kids.
    However, we will all be richer for your months in Kenys. In fact, I already am!

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