16 March

This post is brought to you by KENYA.

Enjoy a 6:30 am safari through Maasai Mara. Seeing animals in the wild from a few feet away as they freely went about their business this morning was exhilarating. Standing in the back of an open air four wheel drive safari jeep at my age, bouncing like a wild man, feeling the wind and rain as I grasped the vehicle in one hand and my camera in the other, was crazy. And then the animals emerged. When I first came to Kenya in 2011 I was not prepared to enjoy a safari. This time a safari was more than welcomed. It’s a wonderful world.






To get to Massai Mara it was a 6 hour drive from Nairobi, the last two hours of it on a two lane unpaved road not made for a Toyota Corolla. The ride was harrowing, somewhat dangerous, violent, and wild. The combination of speed and rocks and ruts and holes and unevenness made the arrival at our destination all the sweeter. However, the wild primitive road takes you right through the lands of the Massai tribe, who number about 800,000. I was unexpectedly enamored of the Maasai, and I think I enjoyed the social aspect of meeting this tribe as much as I enjoyed the natural wilderness. Their way of life is proud, specific, and on display. They are herders, and we passed shepherds herding cattle and sheep and goats for hours. The herd is wealth. The herd is a gift from the gods. They do not want to live in the same world as we do.




And then, when least expected, the African views mesmerize like paintings, the colors and light shifting with unfathomable depths.



We next head into Lake Nukuru National Park for the day, a different habitat full of, well, I don’t know yet.

And for your pictorial finale, look closely at this car that drove in front of us for a while today.


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