15 March

I am in Maasai Mara in Kenya. This nature preserve stretches from Kenya to Tanzania and is located on the sacred grounds of the Maasai tribe. It took six hours to drive here from Nairobi and I do not yet have the words to express the sights I enjoyed seeing all day out the window of the car.


The Maasai are a nomadic tribe, herders, who still wear their ancient tribal clothes. It is a step back in time and place. It is like being in a movie only it is real. It is yet another paradigm shift about life on this planet.


As if the Maasai and their ancient lifestyle were not interesting enough, the natural world astounds. Since I am in a tent tethering to my phone as a wi-fi hotspot I will let a few images speak for the experience, rather than words.

If you are on a laptop- click on and open these photos so you can see them in their true glory in full size. Enjoy.







These sights were viewed in the first 5 minutes of entering the park. We have not begun to safari. It is 6:00 am. HERE I GO!

And lastly, far across a field, a young Maasai with his cattle herd, the source of wealth, alone and playing in the water, a boy in the wild, very young, alone, but, not alone at all.


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