12 March

O.K. Sawa. Sawa.

This is an authentic and immature post. Seriously. Let’s take a step back today and ponder the awesomeness of the unexpected and celebrate EVERYTHING.

Seriously. A top 20 list.

1. I live in Africa. I frickin’ live in Africa. In Kenya. In Nairobi.

2. I speak Kiswahili everyday.

3. Roosters wake me up every morning. They have no snooze button.

4. I drink Kenyan tea every morning.

5. I teach amazing students at Kenyatta University in the Department of Theatre Arts and Film Technology who are learning great things.

6. I have been to an American Embassy. That was cool.

7. I have no car.

8. I have learned to make chapati!

9. I have ridden in a matatu.

10. I am directing and writing an original show with 12 students called KUMI NA MBILI that performs March 27 and will be filmed on a rooftop overlooking the Nairobi skyline on March 28.

11. I let a student film crew scout at my house today and they will shoot a film using various locations in my home on Malawi Close.

12. My brother Daniel arrives on Thursday and we are going to Lake Nakuru and Maasai Mara and I will get to be a mzungu tourist in Africa while he visits for a week.

13. I see a pair of ibis every day.

14. I love seeing students I know as I walk across campus wearing my Kenyan baseball cap to ward off the sun.

15. Ojullu!

16. Peter Ajang!

17. I have learned something new every day but mostly I have learned about TIME.

18. I live in Africa. I frickin’ live in Africa. In Kenya. In Nairobi. I love Kenya. Kenya is cool.

19. Lala salama means good-night in Kiswahili. Say it. Lala salama. Kiswahili is cool.

20. I have a wife who loves me, we speak on the phone every night, and I am grateful for her every minute for letting me have this awesome experience. Lauren is cool.


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3 thoughts on “FRICKIN’ AWESOME

  1. Patti on said:

    Golly, you make me cry.
    Golly, you make me cry.

  2. I loved all these points, but my favorites were #12 and #20. 🙂

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