22 February

I am struggling today with the feeling of an inner urgency that is at odds with everything around me. I feel like my inner motor is running at a faster tempo than the world around me, and like being in slow moving water, in slow motion, I can only go at the speed in which the river flows despite my inner tempo. I am agitated. And the river is slow, slow, slow; it just keeps rolling along in no hurry to get anywhere.

When I have the ability to rest on top of the slow moving water and enjoy the view I am fine. But I can’t fight the inner nagging tempo that wants to get more done, to accomplish more, to make a bigger difference, to change things, to control my destiny, to accomplish with joyful urgency, to have more to point at definitively. I want to get further down the river.

I struggle with being content completely devoid of urgency. I am capable of more.



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2 thoughts on “URGENCY

  1. Tricia Petraven on said:

    Oh, Richard, I know I would feel the same way! It’s like here in the US we live with our internal switch turned up to maximum all the time. I crave a break where I can reset the switch to slow just for a few days, but the driven side of me would not be able to do it for much longer. You have an amazing chance to experience the world at a completely different speed, for a very limited time. Take a deep breath for those of us here who have completely forgotten how. Thanks for this post!

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