13 February

I live in Newport, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio. If I needed just one reminder of the reach of American consumerism and fast food mania, I don’t think I could have dreamed up the image I saw in Nairobi last week.

At one on the many roundabouts in the city, there it was, a segue, one of those silly two wheeled gadgets, never destined as a means of serious transportation, the toys of policemen and marketers, decorated with the logo of KFC: KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN. A man in a KFC T-shirt advertising Free Delivery with flyers to hand out to those patiently waiting their turn at the roundabout, where not much goes around, rode the awkward machine awkwardly.

Attached to the front of the machine was a large KFC bucket with styrofoam chicken wings hanging over the edge.

No one was taking the flyers. I was not the only one staring in horror.


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2 thoughts on “FINGER LICKIN’ GOOD

  1. in Namibia, they have American KFC…but they call it Katatura Fried Chicken. Katatura is the ghetto where the South African invaders forced the Namibians to go after they took over their country. It is full of icky American things. Our safari guide took us to the ghetto and showed us the market and his home. We were honored to have been given an inside view of daily life for Namibians. And, I will admit, we were scared. If you took two white ladies (as our guide called us, “my white ladies”) into the ghetto in America? Well, it could be very full of negative consequence. But no one acted like it was odd, though a small child did peer at us, very intrigued. Forster (our guide) said he may not have seen a white person up close before.

    I’m so enjoying reading your observations. I wish I could have been there longer and wish you the gift (that you already seem to be enjoying) of being there…just BEING THERE and sucking up what is around you and recognizing and embracing it all.

    • Thank you for reading and supporting Rachel. You had quite an experience. We all need to learn to stop fearing and persecuting ‘the other.’ It sounds simple, but it is killing us to see only differences.

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