9 February

I teach on Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays, and on Thursdays I take care of business in Nairobi. I have secured a research permit, visited banks and the post office in Nairobi, and next will go to the US Embassy. This week I had only one task; the weekly trip to the Nakumatt at the Thika Road Mall. The locals call it TRM.

Alex Bitterman wondered if I would find Tide laundry detergent in Africa, as its global reach is extensive. I could not find it. As far as I’m concerned the number one laundry soap in Kenya is OMO. I love it. Maybe Tide does not make a hand washing powder. I have also been taught to scrub my laundry with a bar soap called Ushindi, especially stinky socks.


Speaking of Cincinnati-based P&G, I found a cereal made by a company who reminds me of our friends Procter & Gamble: Proctor & Allan. Their Cornflakes are Crunchy. I sneaked a quick picture.


Lastly, I was urged to buy small bananas, which I had seen, but never tried. They are very wee, no more than three inches long. After peeling the wee banana you get two bites. They are sweet bananas and they are very tasty.


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