8 February

I found him. I found a Buffalo Bills fan in Nairobi. He walked past my classroom at Kenyatta University proudly displaying the colors of my Buffalo Bills, the huge streaking bison on the back of his coat a jarring image on an 84 degree day in Africa. I ran out the open door to talk to him.


HE knows our mantra; ‘Just wait until next year.’ We discussed Andre Reed’s acceptance into the Hall of Fame. We discussed the glory years with Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith, and he listened intently when I told him I had seen OJ Simpson play in the early 1970’s when my grandfather took us to football games. We did a short ‘The Bills make me want to SHOUT’ dance together, slapped high fives, and he continued on his way.

The truth? He had no idea who the Buffalo Bills are, he had never seen an American football game, and he had no idea where Buffalo, New York is located. My enthusiasm for his jacket amused him. It’s just his coat. He was happy to pose for me.


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2 thoughts on “LET’S GO BUFFALO

  1. Patrick Shelton on said:

    Richard! I am sitting here on the couch reading this to Michelle! As she is from Buffalo, she has the most pride for anything that has do with the city. The wings, the pizza, Mighty Taco, and of course, the Buffalo Bills! We both loved this story. I hope you are doing well and changing lives in Africa!

    Patrick and Michelle

    • Michelle’s list is complete: wings, pizza, Mighty Taco, and the Buffalo Bills. Just add Bison Brand Chip Dip and Beef on Weck and we’re all set. Thanks for reading!

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