5 February

Stand back Kraft. Take a bow to your equal. Magic Time Magicaroni Dino and Cheese was excellent. The dinosaur shapes allowed easy scooping with my fork. Don’t tell anyone. Like a child, I still love ketchup with my macaroni and cheese. Dragging the dino shapes through the ketchup with a fork, the brontosaurus and the stegosaurus, was more efficient than elbow macaroni. What a comforting meal. I approve.

And because I like to post a photo that I have taken with each posting, and I refuse to photograph a meal, may I share these two wedding guests with you, young boys I saw at a wedding on the grounds of the Karen Blixen House in Karen Town this past Saturday. I took my first tourist outing on Saturday, and the faces of these boys say it all. Imagine how they would enjoy Magic Time Magicaroni Dino and Cheese. Well, maybe not the boy in the back. He looks more doubtful.

I love the lack of guile in this photo, the simple directness of ‘Yes, this is me.’ The boy in back watched as if he weren’t in the shot. You’ll enjoy it more if you click on it and look at it as a large image.


And then the friend in back asked if he could be next.


Yes, this is me.

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  1. Ann Soutter on said:

    thought I was the only grown up who puts ketchup on my mac & cheese. The PA Dutch put stewed tomatoes on theirs, so I just say it’s a habit that stuck from my south central PA days (but I have ALWAYS done it). Love your blog!

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