3 February

I was asked by Alex Bitterman to take photos inside the grocery store next time I was there due to his interest in graphic design. He is always interested in the way things look. This past week I shopped at the rival to Nakumatt : Uchumi. My vote? Nakumatt wins!

Here is butter. I love butter. Everything can be improved with a little butter. Make sure you never run out of butter. Kenyan butter is good. Irish butter is best. Kenyan butter is very good.


Here are sausages. They are called Boer Sausages. I bought them for the first time because they looked different. The Boer Wars were fought in the 1880’s in South Africa and they were brutal. That is all I know of a Boer. My favorite sausages are called Safari Sausages. I always choose pork.


Nakumatt has nothing like boxed Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, so I was excited to be in Uchumi, where I had spotted boxed macaroni and cheese in 2011 when it was spotted by Mikayla Stanley. I was hoping they still had it. I craved cheap comfort food.

This is what I found.


Magicaroni Dino and Cheese made by Magic Time. Hmmm . . . . It is boxed in Miami. We shall see. I bought two boxes. Will it be magic?

And then? And then I was asked to stop taking pictures. No picture taking in Uchumi. Rats. Perhaps they thought I was a rival informant.

I will try to take some photos at Nakumatt.

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  1. Hahaha. I just imagine the conversation. “Sir, could you please not spy on our boxed-foods isle?” This makes me want to go to Kroger, wearing a Wal-Mart shirt and start taking pictures of their Velveeta supply.

  2. alexbitterman on said:

    This is outstanding, Richard! I love to peruse the aisles at any grocery store. You learn so much that way (what to eat, what not to eat, some of the local language, etc.) I have this long-standing tradition of taking pictures of Tide laundry detergent and sending them to my mom when I travel. Amazingly, Tide is almost universally available. Thanks for the pictures and for the post! It made my day. 🙂

    • I have never seen TIDE. But I will try to do a shot of the UOMO display. Laundry detergent is for hand washing. I did see a cereal that said Proctor and Allan at the top, which felt like a Proctor and Gamble attempt by someone.

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