1 February

In Kenya they don’t mess around. My house is secured with 3 padlocks, one on each door. I bought the third one myself at the Nakumatt and put it on the front door. There are steel security gates on every door and a good old-fashioned sturdy padlock does the trick of securing the latches. It is primitive and powerful and strong.


I have 5 padlock keys, three for home and two for work. My office door requires the use of a skeleton key.

The theatre building is secured with 2 padlocks as well. Now this makes me a little more nervous. Why? Because it is possible to be padlocked in the building and it is possible to padlock someone else in the building. This is my fear. If I am in my office last, past closing time, someone could leave and padlock the front door and I would not be able to get out. Truly, I do not know what I would do. Conversely, when I am last to leave, I fear putting the lock on, in case someone is inside and I am unaware. This happened the first few weeks and I really didn’t like the feeling of sitting at my desk behind my closed door and hearing the steel gate and the iron bar sliding and the padlock and running and yelling to someone unknown on the other side ‘WAIT. I’M HERE.’ Work cannot become my prison.

The answer? Leave early. Never leave last.

A Kenyan solution to having ‘no worries’ is to not put yourself in a situation where you have to worry.


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2 thoughts on “PADLOCKS AND STEEL

  1. Bob Croskery on said:

    I remember Glenn Geelhoed, the world famous surgeon and Harvard Med professor, telling of how in some African countries the biggest enemy is the army or the police…..who come in and rape and rob, and beat the citizens.

    The world is a VERY LARGE place!

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