26 January

This African snail is at least 4 inches long. She could smother my lizard, the little bugger in the bathroom, who by the way, ran around on the ceiling in my bedroom two nights ago. It was not cute. It was reptilian. He has suction cups for fingers.

I saw this snail on my way to class on Friday. I was walking fast and I saw her at the side of the road and she stopped me in my tracks.


– A snail can never be in a hurry. There’s always tomorrow.
– A snail is never far from home because she brings her home wherever she goes.
– Snails do not seem to crave attention but they are arresting when noticed.
– Snails have grace and their movements are complicated and calm.
– Snails are unusually cool.

Actors should be like snails: patient, at home in themselves, unique and interesting, graceful and powerful, and very cool.

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One thought on “SNAILS AND ACTORS

  1. And slimy too? Should actors be slimy and scared of Any strange thing close to their eyes eh Mwalimu?

    P.S Snails have really cool eyes.
    And that lizard is your mosquito exterminator.

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