23 January

I carry an 8 and a half inch by 11 inch planner with me every day. I don’t think I have had a day in the past decade without something written in my planner to accomplish. When tasks are completed I relish the action of crossing them out. ACCOMPLISHMENT. If tasks are not accomplished, I cross them out unfinished and transfer them to the next day.

Today is my first day in Kenya not filled with tasks to accomplish. There are things I could do, should do, but I can also cross them all out and move them to tomorrow and be just fine. Since arriving here I have been challenged to accomplish difficult and unknown tasks in an unknown culture and city, and today, I can relax.

Here is what I accomplished today. I saw a bird I have never seen before. I stood and watched him, and he watched me. There were 5 of these startlingly blue birds on the road and in a field together, and I watched them eat bugs for a long time.


Then I noticed this startlingly orange flower, one I had not noticed despite taking that path daily. What will it look like when it opens?

Without motivation one can still accomplish great things. Motivation redefined. Have a great day.


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  1. Richard, this blog has become a daily read for me. Your curiosity and passion for learning and teaching are truly inspiring; along with the sensitive detail with which you observe and cherish life and environment. I’m feeling a book idea is already stirring in your mind.

  2. Agree Zlat and beautifully said.

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