14 January

I visited Kenyatta University last July for a week to prepare for my Fulbright adventure. Who wouldn’t be fascinated by the new buildings rising all over the campus? One huge project among many is the new Graduate School building. Here it is in July.


And here is the new Graduate School building almost six months later. I pass the building every day, and I hear workers inside 7 days a week. The loudest sounds, due to the absence of power tools, are the sounds of the men’s voices speaking in Kiswahili over the sounds of hammering and sawing. The construction sites buzz with the sounds of men talking. I love that one of the workers has done his laundry. I love the casualness and ease of being on the roof.


At first glance I could see 8 workers in the photo. With my zoom button I found 14. How many workers do you see?

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2 thoughts on “WHERE’S WALDO?

  1. I see 14 too. It wasn’t easy to spot them all and one of them might’ve just been a shirt drying, I dunno. But very cool to see the progress and to imagine life without power tools!

  2. mikhail.roberts@gmail.com on said:


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