Malawi Close

11 January


Malawi Close

I live at 4 Malawi Close on the campus of Kenyatta University. It is a short dead end street with about 8 houses. I do not know why there is a beautiful street in the back corner of campus with ranch houses that looks like a street that could be transplanted from so many other places. It is a surprise to stumble onto two blocks of homes in the back of a campus. Were they built as officer’s quarters when this was an army barracks? It feels English. The street is like a lush, tropical paradise. I have bougainvillea growing all around my house. It reminds me of LA, only it’s not, it’s Kenya. Despite the beauty, I have had power outages on four of the seven days I have been here, and no running water in the kitchen for three. But my showers have been hot, and I sleep well, despite the mosquitos and the roosters who serve as my morning alarm whether I need them or not. And the lizard in the bathroom. And the ants. It is always surprising on Malawi Close.


It is my refuge, and I am always glad to arrive at the door to my new home after a day of adventures.


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4 thoughts on “Malawi Close

  1. Beverly Croskery on said:

    How interesting! I am delighted that you have such a special refuge. Bob fell in Chicago and broke his leg (Femur area) However, his spirits are good. How fortunate we are to enjoy this journey with you through your eyes, ears,smells and commentary. SO SPECIAL. Bev

  2. on said:

    I died laughing at “The Lizard in the bathroom.” What an image. I hope you meet him again, and often.

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