What if your entire Drama Department hosted a Surprise Bon Voyage Party for you? How would you feel? What if they gathered video greetings from your family, from refugees in Africa, from alumni around the country, and you sat and cried and laughed without apology? What if your former students suddenly sounded wiser than you feel? You would feel like me. Humbled. Grateful. Excited. Scared. Innocent. Wise. Old. Young.

Thank you to all of my colleagues, my students, my family, and former students, for standing behind me as I begin this journey in less than two weeks. CCM Drama goes with me.


Julianna Bloodgood sent me a video greeting from Poland and in it she challenged me with a daily challenge:
1. Pay Attention
2. Be astonished
3. Write about it
Thank you Julianna. I will. 

If you sent a video greeting, if you made me laugh like Jared and Claron, or cry like Michael and Will, thank you. 

Why is this trip different? Being a Fulbright scholar going to Kenya is completely different from anything I have ever attempted. It is unknown, exotic, and somewhat dangerous. The barometer I use to measure any and everything in my daily existence will no longer be useful when I am in Kenya. Nothing will be the same. Seriously. Nothing will be the same. I will have no accurate frames of reference and will need to re-define my point of view for every event, from the most mundane to the most complex. 


And that is a good thing. I know I will be astonished. How can I not be?

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